Become a Citizen Journalist

What is a CJ (Citizen Journalist)?


A LIVEiNEWS Citizen Journalist is a person who uses a smart phone loaded with the LIVEi App to record a news event along with information about the event.  Our CJs gather news-worthy content in video format  from anywhere there are smart phones.  Breaking News is instantly delivered over the internet and mobile networks to smartphones, tablets and PCs.  Our CJs are ranked by our LIVEi Engine and by peers and can achieve recognition and compensation for gathering accurate, verified content.

How does LIVEi compensate its CJs?

Sometime after our launch and our Phase II product roll-out, LIVEiNEWS will begin paying our CJs a portion of our ad revenue associated with the CJ's published content.
CJs can opt-in to be alerted if a news event is nearby so they can record a video and send it to us.  For very important breaking news events, LIVEi may ask a few CJs to record the event.  This helps to provide more information and to verify the event itself.
There are other ways that CJs can participate with LIVEi.  We will keep you posted.